Service of Remembrance and Poem by Wendy Robbie

Service of Remembrance and Poem by Wendy Robbie

Service of Remembrance at St Theresa’s on November 2nd All Souls Day

The celebration of the Feast All Souls was prayerful and moving and very well attended.  Members of the Care Group were responsible for inviting the families of those who had died in 2016/17 to remember them in a specially prepared Mass. Each member of a family was presented with a candle which they came up to light and place on the stand. The names of deceased loved ones were written on small cards and then tied with purple and white ribbons on to the branches of a Prayer Tree.  Every family was also given a white rose to which was tied a small prayer card as a memento.  There were also many parishioners who joined them and they too remembered their loved ones.

This was the first time we had organised a Remembrance Service and the immediate response from people was very positive. It brought home to everyone that those whom we have lost are still very much with us and that the “Communion of Saints” is something to really celebrate.  The mentioning of each family member by name meant a great deal to everyone as did the ritual of going up as a whole congregation, calling to mind the father, mother, husband, wife, child, sister, brother , grandparent or friend by lighting a candle for them.

Thanks to all for a team effort and thanks too to the Social Group who put on such delicious refreshments. Funds provided by the caring group.

 Remembrance Service Poem

Written by Wendy Robbie

Today we remember our loved ones who’ve died

We remember our loss and tears we’ve cried

The days we thought we just couldn’t get through

The night dark and black, all we needed was you

It’s hard to understand but we know you had to go

To a better place with no sorrow or woe

We remember the little things that made you just you

We put on a smile and somehow muddle through

We remember your warmth, your loving touch

The twinkle in your eye, how we loved you so much

The time ticks by and we wish you were here

We reply our memories and feel you are near

We miss you but we remember the fun times we had

All the ups and down, good times and bad

You are greatly missed. Forgotten never!

We remember you now, always and forever.


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