Youth Group

Youth Group

St Theresa’s Youth Group was founded in 1983 under the watch of Fr. Joe Mullen. During the early years the group was made up of mainly teenagers aged 15 plus. As a member myself we would meet in a room at the Poplars residential home in Mountsorrel. The room was kindly given to us by Jo Bradbury and Joy Legett who owned the home. This gave us a chance to get together once a week to socialise. We would play cards or board games, arrange outings or just chat.

In 1990, the group moved to St Theresa’s Church where we still are today. As the original members departed and younger members joined I took on the role as group leader with the help of parents and volunteers. We decided to divide the group based on ages. One group of 8-13yrs and another 14-16yrs, both groups had an hour each at the church straight after mass.

Eventually as the number of older members decreased we decided to form just one 2 hour-long group for everyone aged 8-13. Anyone older would become a helper and some even stayed on as volunteer leaders.

The group activities change every year with some children now preferring to be more high tech and hands on; so we combine more modern activities with some good old-fashioned games and sports on the park in the summer! Our favourites activities usually involve fun and food!

Now in 2017 we still meet at the church between 6-8pm and welcome any new members and helpers.

Mark Hickenbotham is the group leader and one of the founding group members in 1983.

With thanks to Parish Priest and Parishioners Fr. John Daly, Fr. Keith Tomlinson and Fr. Saji

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