It is in the order of divine Providence that we put our trust; and in those indestructible seeds that the gospel has sown in humanity, seeds which in every age bring forth new fruits from an old stock, and flowers of a beauty unknown before, and which must be recognized as sprung from the word of Christ, cultivated with Christian love; but alas for us if, because the fruit and flower are new, we fail to see that they really derive from the ancient and all-powerful plant! That would be to do dishonour to the divine root itself, and treat shamefully that treasure from which the householder brings forth things new and old. Antonio Rosimini

WELCOME to St Theresa’s, Birstall
and Sacred Heart, Rothley whoever you may be……..

A regular parishioner who feels truly at home here
A member of the parish who hasn’t been here  for a long while
A visitor attending a baptism , wedding,  funeral

or First Holy Communion
A visitor to the area staying with family or friends
A fellow Christian seeking an oasis of welcome and prayer
A fellow human being looking for hope, healing  or consolation……

and perhaps like most of us here, looking for acceptance, support, understanding, compassion and community…


A Mission Statement for the parish (taken from the Pope’s
global prayer network…intention for September):

“ …we pray that the two churches of our parish, animated by a missionary spirit, may be places where faith is communicated and charity is seen”.