(Roveroto 1797 –Stresa 1855)

 Founder of the Institute of Charity


and the Sisters of Providence

Sisters and the Brethren live, pray and work in Italy, Africa, England, India, Ireland, New Zealand, United States of America, Venezuela and Wales.

Antonio Rosmini was a saintly religious man, devoted to God and to the Church. In 1828 he founded the Institute of Charity whose ideal is to encourage everyone – Sisters, Fathers, Brothers and People – to live completely for God.

He was a renowned spiritual writer and his books are available here at the church on request. His writings are profound and full of his love for God and people. Rosmini was a most encouraging man and his prophetic ideas, especially regarding the full place of lay people in the life of the Church, found fulfilment in the documents of the Second Vatican Council.

In 1835 the first missionaries came to England, and the first priest came to St. Theresa’s parish in 1938. We are part of a Rosminian cluster of parishes and schools here in the English midlands, and we regularly come together to share the ideals of the Institute of Charity.

Lay people are welcome to become Ascribed members of the Institute, linking their lives and work and prayer with the Sisters and Fathers and Brothers.


A shorter version

  1. Love God with all your heart
  2. Love and serve the Church of Jesus Christ.
  3. Be at peace, always.
  4. Trust God in His divine providence.
  5. All you are and have is God’s gift to you.
  6. Seek wisdom in all you do.

When Rosmini was dying a dear friend asked him for advice and the answer was:

“Adore, be silent and rejoice”

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