Sacrament of Reconciliation

At present is by appointment.  Please contact the Church Office. 

“Be courageous and go to Confession!
Jesus will receive you; he will receive
you with so much love” (Pope Francis)


If you are thinking of having your baby or child Baptised in the parishes of St Theresa’s Birstall or Sacred Heart, Rothley, there are Baptism preparation classes throughout the year. These classes generally take place over two to three evening sessions. The classes allow parents to gain a better understanding of the Sacrament of Baptism as well as providing the opportunity to meet other new parents in the parish.
If you would like having your baby or child baptised in the parish please speak to our Parish Priest in the first instance.

First Holy Communion

Usually our Parish School Bishop Ellis takes the lead in preparation for First Holy Communion and Reconciliation programme with children of Year 3 and above. Parents are invited to put their children forward for preparation in September. Children who do not attend the Parish school are, of course, very welcome also.
The programme consists of child preparation during RE lessons at school. The parents of those not attending the school are given materials to support their child’s preparation at home. In Advent, Lent and just before First Holy Communion Day, there are workshops on Saturday mornings where the families come together to take part in creative activities, closely linked with the child’s spiritual preparation. There are several celebrations.

  • An Advent Mass,
  • A Rite of Commitment
  • Reconciliation
  • First Holy Communion Mass
  • A final Parish and School Celebration mass.

The parents are supported during six meetings (which are usually held at the same time on the Saturday morning children’s workshops) which address Baptism, Reconciliation and the Eucharist, as well as everyday organisational business e.g. social arrangements for the celebrations. The children are given work books to work on at home throughout the year, with their parents. The programme aims to ensure the preparation is at the level of the children and that they are able to take ownership of the celebrations. Dates and times of the programme will be put under the events section of this website. Contacts are Brenda Bentham, Aileen Jackson and Leanne Graham-Brown. 


The Parish regularly runs a course for young people wishing to make their confirmation. The young people preparing for Confirmation will usually be of secondary school age and above.
The preparation programme involves a Rite of Commitment and regular meetings (including celebrating Reconciliation).
The course followed is one designed in the parish using material from a range of sources. The sessions usually run on a weekday evening at the Church rooms. The courses are publicised well in advance in the Church Newsletter. Please contact Bernadette Cant if you wish to be confirmed. There is also a form on the admin page of this site to complete that can be handed in to the church office.


The Sacrament of Marriage allows partners to promise to give their life and their love freely—one to the other—with the help of God and the community, who are called to witness this joyous celebration.
Church law normally requires one partner to be a confirmed Catholic. If you live in the Parishes of Sacred Heart Rothley or St. Theresa’s Birstall and, worship regularly, or consider either of the churches to be your “family church,” you may approach the Priest about your marriage plans.
Six months notice of your plans is required to allow time for the priest to establish that both parties are free to marry according to the rites of the Catholic Church. Couples are also required to attend a Marriage Preparation Course which can be discussed with the priest. On the wedding day, many who are involved with the parish will be there to offer help and support.  If your partner is not a Catholic, please be assured that we will make them very welcome.
If you wish to marry please speak to our Parish Priest at least six months before your proposed wedding date. Please do not make any other arrangements concerning your wedding until the Priest has confirmed the availability of the Church for your wedding.

Sacrament of the Sick

Through this Sacrament those whose health is seriously impaired by sickness or old age are strengthened by Christ. The Sacrament is celebrated by the laying on of hands by a priest and by anointing with oil made holy by God’s blessing.
As this is a Sacrament of Healing it is appropriate to request this if you are sick or before a hospital admission. Hospital chaplains can be contacted through the hospital staff or though the Church Office. The Sacrament is no longer reserved for extreme circumstances. The Sacrament for the dying is Eucharist (Viaticum i.e. food for the journey).

Hospital Visitation by Parish Clergy

If you would like a Priest of the Parish to visit a parishioner who is in hospital, you need to inform the Priest, providing them with the person’s name and their EXACT LOCATION in the hospital.